Sweet ‘Art

Sweet ‘Art was born from a frustration with the lack of art exhibitions and events in London in aid of supporting the International Women’s Day back in 2012. Sweet ‘Art operates from a feminist ethos, focusing on privileging the voices of women and marginalised groups through the arts. It aims to create spaces that expand ideas on what art can be, on what demographics it can be for or created by, challenging art norms, welcoming those who feel excluded and forging change.


To promote artists through the delivery of regular site-specific exhibitions. With a specific emphasis on working with artists who are marginalised from the marketplace. Sweet ‘Art aims to provide an accessible and inclusive space for looking at, thinking about and debating art.


  • To operate from a feminist ethos.
  • To exhibit art that is thought provoking, intelligent and challenging.
  • To respect and celebrate diversity, and take an inter-sectional and inclusive approach.
  • To promote equality and inclusivity, so that input from all is heard and valued.


To date, Sweet ‘Art has hosted over 30 multi-discipline art exhibitions in collaboration with many high profile partners and sponsors with a dream to one day own their own permanent exhibition space.

How You Can Help

What Bold Tony Does

Art is VJ’s passion. After 17 years of navigating London’s constipated gallery sector, I finally found a project that was close to my heart. One of the reasons why I loved creating and living in London was it’s melting pot of inspiration; however, it was a tough world to be in as an artist. To find a diverse and inclusive gallery space that was professional and with a mission to positively impact the fabric of our society was close to impossible.

I have taken part in many of Sweet ‘ Art shows and donated my work at their fundraiser. I believe that artists are the visionaries of our world. They all see into the future and shape our society, and we should do more to support and grow our creative community.