Order of Malta – Lithuania

Maltesers mission in Lithuania is strictly humanitarian, impartial, and mostly voluntary. This charity support to most vulnerable people of Lithuania who are living below the poverty line. My husband and I support this charity because we saw the devastating effects of poverty on old people and children while living in Lithuania. 

  • Feeding and supporting poor lonely old people (“Meals on wheels” and Home care) in 19 cities.
  • Setting up  Senior clubs.
  • Organisation of Social Day care centres for children from disadvantaged families
  • Organising social activities for youth Fundraising campaigns (campaign “Maltese’s soup” and charity concert on TV)
  • …and so much more
  • 650 thousands of Lithuanians live below the poverty line, that is 26.4% of the whole population.Setting up  Senior clubs.
  • People who suffer the most are kids below 18 and single old people.


“Meals on Wheels” project. In total, there were 496 help receivers involved in this project. During all year period, they have received more than 117 000 portions of fresh warm meals. Volunteers and workers have driven more than 83 000 kilometres to reach fostered elders. In addition, new variations of the project have been introduced such as special food packages for poor people and vouchers for food.
Children Day Care Centres where kids get free lunch, clothing, develop their social communication or personal skills and do their homework. Their social educators advise and assist not only the children but also all the family members.
This organisation totally ROCKS! Read More about their other projects.

How You Can Help

You can find your local Malta Ordin in your country and Volunteer or Donate Money. If you would like to help Lithuanian division e-mail info@maltieciai.lt or drop me a line and I will be happy to translate and get you to speak to the right people to make the overseas donation.

What Bold Tony Does

After years of travelling, we have seen a lot of poverty, which made us feel truly blessed, and we wanted to give back. We believe that charity needs to begin at home and Lithuania is where we are from, so it was only natural to start in our hometown, Kaunas.

Christmas of 2018 we have decided to give up the traditional Christmas dinner and gifts and instead give away our Christmas budget to those who needed it more. We teamed up with one of our friends (Dalia Cichanovičiūtė), hit the shops and created 100 food gift bags for old people living below the poverty line. We didn’t want to just wire over the money and never meet the people because we believe that charity is all about the human connection. Nothing could have prepared us for the pain and poverty we have witnessed. We think this was one of the single most impact full life experience we have had to date. We met some cool, funny and beautiful people who despite being poor and in pain were full of love and generosity.

We are planning to continue giving up our Christmas and Easter budget to Malta Ordin as well as taking part in their other projects.