Recipe for Travelling

I haven’t experienced the whole world yet, but it is on my list. The world is full of wisdom and travelling is the greatest teacher.

Game-Changing Destinations

Why You Should Travel

The impulse to move, to be curious and to discover something new is deeply coded into human DNA. Humanity caught this travel bug TWO MILLION YEARS ago. We have been travelling the world for two million years, but there are still places on this planet, and within ourselves, we are yet to discover. That’s CRAZY and AMAZING!

Travel expands your conscious. It makes you face your limiting believes and political + social conditioning. Suddenly you realise how little different we all are. You can travel around the world or to your inner world; I urge you to do both and often.

Do it, and you will find that you are limitless and the world is abundant of opportunity to build and grow the life of your dreams.