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Staying alive is easy, all it takes is breathing, eating and sleeping. Living life by design takes courage and wisdom. Good news is – you have the inner wisdom and judgment to make the best decisions for yourself, all I do is help you tap into your own awareness.

I have a question for you:

Is your life amazing and you wouldn't want to change a thing?

Awesome, I am really happy for you! I too have days where I miss paid holiday, sick leave and set monthly income and oh, free coffee, tea and biscuits.


You are in a loving relationship? Your work – life balance is bang on track? Your business is booming? You are making a positive impact? You have expanded your consciousness beyond the realms of our reality? You have time to just sit still because you know time is just an abstraction?…


Vow, we need to talk! Please, share your success formula with me, and together we can help others to design a better life. Let’s hang!

I did have a sneaky suspicion that it was the case and you would love your days to suck less. 

There are two ways you can intercat with me and start creating your dream life. 

1. Follow my blog for tips and inspirations.

2. Let’s chat and solve your puzzle.



It is my mission to guide and help you to deconstruct your limiting beliefs until there are no “buts”, “shouldn’t'”, “have to”, “what ifs” until you stand on the edge of the precipice of your mind and clearly see your true potential until you know you are limitless. Until your authentic self rises above the shadows of the social conditioning.

Transform Yourself

Can We Be Besties

I am unstoppable, unapologetic and indestructible. I use unconventional methods and tools and have rather authentic views on life and the world. I am allergic to BOOLSH*T, and unlike most spiritual women, I swear (in 4 languages), lift weights instead of yoga and wear black. If you can handle this, you are in!

Save yourself from wasting your precious time if:

  • You only “kinda, sorta, maybe, not sure” want a better life.
  • You believe others are to be blamed for your misfortunes.
  • You think that your gender determines if you operate from female or male energy.
  • You have set views that you believe to be the only universal truth.
  • You are repulsed by the idea of going on an adventure and tapping into your creativity.
  • You aren’t ready to work hard on changing your life and just want a magic pill.

Carry on reading my blog and ping me a message if:

  • You know there is more to life than just ‘running’.
  • You value authenticity and creativity.
  • You want to be more, you want your life to suck less and bring you joy.
  • You want your life to be a magical and breataking adventure.
  • You understand that all good things in life are on the other side of your fear.
  • You are ready to dismantle your old identity, hack your mind and be bold, brave and sexy.’

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